Fair-trade business run by a Berber woman in Cali
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"Linda's Argan oil is the purest available Argan oil on the market--and she directly supports communes of Berber women who grind this oil directly from the nuts of the Argan tree.  There are no additives, no fillers and it is much more fresh and nutrient rich then anything you could find on a shelf in a department store.  You will notice a distinct difference when you compare this oil to any other brand of moisturizer as your skin will glow after just one night of use!  Try it and see for yourself!" -      DEVON AOKI (American Model and Actress)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


"Everyone always asks me what I use on my skin. This is it for me. Before my wedding I was having crazy skin syndrome and I was worried I would be walking down the aisle with it. Then an angel (literally) gave me some Argan oil (the purest you can find, hands down) and the rest is history. I haven't worred about my skin since. Shortly after using this I threw out my foundation because my bare skin was looking so clear. Best of all the purchase of this oil helps the women of the Berber tribe in Morocco create a livelihood for themselves and become more independent. Thank you @realmoroccan http://instagram.com/p/ttjraRqhvN/?modal=true -      MARIANA SAORI RENTERIA (American Ford Model)







If I could have one beauty product this would be it! I’ve been a professional model for over 10 years working with Ford and Wilhemina Models. One thing that I have learned in all this time is to keep a fresh face! I always want to show up to a job feeling like my skin is hydrated and glowing. I’ve tried so many products but, never liked putting all the chemicals that are added into everyday lotion onto my skin. RealMoroccan oil is as pure as it gets. Its so light that I can use it day and night. I can honestly say my skin has never looked better! Plus, I love knowing that using this oil is helping so many woman in Morocco!" -       LISA SHELDON (MODEL & ACTRESS).

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This Argan Oil is a life saver! It's a magic potion, whether my skin is dry, oily, or breaking out. I apply it every night and wake up to smooth, silky soft skin. I also apply it first thing in the morning to go under my makeup, to give it a smooth application of the makeup. If you want to have one oil for year round protection this is the one for you."-      AZIE TESFAI (ACTRESS AND FOUNDER OF FORTUNED CULTURE)